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Our mission is to help our members succeed in their professional, academic and personal goals. We achieve our mission by providing one-stop solutions to improve corporate profitability and the performance of SMEs by leveraging shared resources across industries.

Our core strength is the power of resource sharing which enables each business to have a unique education and training system, and in particular allows it to enhance team training, promote brand influence, improve marketing and uphold business efficiency.

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Through a systematic development plan, we believe integrity and innovation are the core values and systematic standards of the service center, and we will strive to live our core values as our lifestyle, and ensure they are accompanied by specific goals and measures. We aspire to grow dynamically by fulfilling the diverse training needs of our members through our vast array of services, training education and new opportunities.

We will support members development and unleash each member’s potential through education, training and new opportunities. Members potential and value chain is the strength uniting them. Let’s unleash our greatest potential and co-build a better future. At the Member Service Center, we strive to achieve barrier-free business communication and good connections with our customers across the globe by media publicity and public education.