Empowered Filmaker Masterclass

Learn how to produce your own commercials and films in just 1 week

Day 1

  • Program Overview
  • Production Structure
  • Filmmaking Styles
  • Introduction to Visual Storytelling

Day 2

  • Setting up our Production Teams
  • Brainstorming & Pitch Development
  • Script/Storyboards Training
  • Film Concept Presentations

Day 3

  • Technical Shooting with 4K Gimbals
  • Camera Movement Workshop
  • Media and Production Workflow
  • Shooting our Productions

Day 4

  • Importing and Organizing Footage
  • Editing Sequences Premiere
  • Post-Production Techniques
  • Audio Production for Film

Day 5

  • Editing of Group Productions
  • Complete and Export our Films
  • Our Film Festival
  • Awards Ceremony and Prizes
Course Overview

This entrepreneurial version of our intensive filmmaking program will ensure you will be able to produce your own promotional videos, commercials and full-length films from beginning to end.



Course Info

Course Type: Certificate

Books and Supplies:
Students are expected to have their own laptop for use in the course. Filming equipment will be provided.

Course Outline: Click to Download